Assessment for Tailored Psychological Care


Many people come to us confused by a previous diagnosis or curious about why they are suffering. In some cases diagnostic assessment is called for. Many times individuals seek assessment to simply better understand the way in which they navigate life emotionally. Our Denver psychological evaluation team expertly completes clear diagnostic evaluation, re-evaluations, and individually designed therapeutic assessments to help you understand you as fully as possible. Many clients have shared that the assessment process truly changed their therapeutic trajectory, helping them to truly see their struggle and the path forward.

Much like a prism, the art of providing the highest quality psychological services includes providing assessment where needed, to best help clients to fully understand themselves from all angles. Sometimes when a diagnostic isn’t clear, or a client is struggling to clarify the issue, testing becomes a high utility tool to rapidly get traction in care. The most important function of our psychological evaluations in Denver is to ensure that the data is meaningful and can be put to great use in improving overall functioning.

Assessment Can Illuminate the Path Toward Healing


  • Diagnostic Evaluation or Re-Evaluation

  • ADHD/Learning Disability Testing: Children. Adolescents. Adults

  • Cognitive Testing

  • Emotional/Projective Testing

  • Psychological Full Battery


  • Depression

  • Anxiety
  • Grief & Loss
  • OCD & Perfectionism
  • Drive & Work Performance
  • Emotional Intelligence & Personality
  • Relational Functioning & Self-Esteem
  • Addictive Behavior

A Comprehensive Approach

At ITS we only use a therapeutic assessment model, with thorough reporting to assist you in accessing your best self. Our testing includes comprehensive care coordination, consultation, previous report/file review, testing sessions, reporting, and a feedback session. At ITS, our psychologist and CBT therapists in Denver believe you shouldn’t have to coordinate your own care; we reach out to your general physician, psychiatrist, school, or family as needed to help others to better understand your needs and trajectory.

Our Denver psychological evaluation team is highly regarded throughout the community. They are called upon as experts to doctors, schools, physicians, and have been loyally trusted by families of our practice for over 15 years. ITS is known for providing the most comprehensive, intuitive, and high utility reports — reports that truly help clients and family’s understand what is occurring and how to create a meaningful treatment plan for improving functioning. When therapy isn’t enough, the ITS testing team is here to shed new light on old and challenging problems.

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