Psychological Wellness

Training to Cultivate Resilient Insightful Teens

Our psychologists and teen counselors in Denver are recognized throughout the area for their specialized work with adolescents and their parents. ITS is a regular consultant to physicians, schools, and community organizations by providing progressive education, resources, lectures, and consultation to help Colorado adolescents to develop genuine psychological wellness.


Areas of Focus

Therapy for Adolescents

Divorce Adjustment

Depression & Anxiety

Peer Issues

Self-Esteem Development

Behavioral Issues

Diagnostic Assessment

Grief & Loss

Anxiety & Phobias

School Performance Concerns

EMDR for Trauma

Body-Image Concerns

Strategies & Techniques for Successful Emancipation

Parent-Child Relational Issues


Mood Disorders

Emotional Resilience Training

Substance Concerns

Cognitive & Emotional Ass

We Help Cultivate Emotional Resilience & Interpersonal Insight

“I just want them to be happy.” Our Denver teen therapists teach psychological skills, techniques, and insight to assist our clients in developing emotional resiliency, personal insight, and the ability to more adeptly understand others. We curate the growth of Emotional Intelligence, the most important skill in ensuring we live a life that is in line with our values. We can’t always be happy, but we can suffer with grace, and can – with the right emotional tool kit – pursue balance, inner peace, healthy relationships, and success in our endeavors.

Simply put, the most “happy” successful people we know, in all facets of life (interpersonal, family, relationships, parenting, career, spiritually) are emotionally intelligent and show an abundance of personal insight, humility, compassion, and empathy and awareness for others. ITS teen therapists in Denver are commited to helping those we work with achieve happiness.


Whenever you become empowered, you will be tested. -MYSS

How You Struggle Matters

The way we manage struggle determines our life course. The most successful people demonstrate resilience, empathy and great emotional insight; this in turn nurtures their relationships, their understanding of self, their journey to fulfilling work, and ultimately ensures a life of meaning, love, and meaningful connections.

Strengthening our psychological wellness is the recipe needed to ensure that we can tolerate the transitions life sends our way, that we can suffer with grace, and lead a full, inspired healthy life, with ourselves and with others. How we cope and understand ourselves and others dictates the course of our lives. Our teen therapists in Denver work with young adults to encourage emotional strength and wellness.

When The Going Gets Tough, We Get On Board

We join your teen when they are in transition, suffering, when tragedy strikes, when you feel lost and afraid, and when you know your ability to cope and manage circumstances could improve.

We support and provide emotional education for your teen when they are anxious, depressed, irritable & hard to get along with, are having performance problems, relationship struggles, and when their self-esteem is suffering.

We join you as a parent when you simply know things could be better but you don’t know the path.

Get started now.

Adolescence is like having only enough light to see the first step directly in front of you.