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We believe that to struggle is to be human.
We support whole being health; your mind and body are deeply connected and together create the story of your life.

Everyone deserves a co-pilot to assist them in developing insight, resilience, and resolve to live their life with the greatest possible value and meaning.

It is our calling to be right here when you hear the call to improve your psychological health.

Our work is a great gift; we feel honored to embark on this
human journey of discovery with you.

"I want to sing like the birds sing, not worrying about who hears or what they think."

Our clients are you.

We serve the entire Denver Metro area and Front Range communities. Our clients travel from throughout the region and are sent by trusted referral sources, often medical providers, schools, family and community members, friends, and our loyal clientele. Our clients enter our care at varying junctures in their lives, seeking our service off and on as they feel they need it and as life dictates. We are known to many as a family psychological office, with multiple family members and generations seeking our care. What is most important is our clients know they have a trusted, professional, and progressive place to explore their mental health wellness and psychological goals.

Our counseling & therapy treatment services are open to anyone with the intention and inspiration to explore change. Our treatment styles and technique applications are uniquely tailored to the distinct place you find yourself in today, in this moment; as you grow, so too does our intervention.

Each person knows when they are called to embrace and pursue change. We aim to be here when it counts.

Our method.
Psychological wellness is cultivated together.

Our specialized psychological treatment team is uniquely trained to understand the emotional struggle and adversity that can present itself to all of us in each new season of our lives. Our clinicians know you are having a human experience, and they accept you without judgement, wherever you may be. Our patients often present in a moment of adversity but quite often utilize our services off and on across their life span. Like a trusted primary care doctor, our clients come to know they have a trusted ally in their treatment provider. What often starts as a question or a struggle gives way to insight, empowerment, and freedom to live one’s life deeply in accordance with your values and goals.

Why we are here.

We believe everyone deserves to lead an inspired, psychologically fit life. Our loyal following of clients and referring parties know we are honored to perform this work. They know we see this as a great privilege to be there for you when you need us most, guiding and supporting you as you explore goals unique to your life path.

We are in the business of cultivating psychological resilience despite adversity. Our treatment is education and empowerment based, providing you with the insight, skill and power to create lasting change. We are most inspired to help you cultivate the very best version of you.

We'll take the first step together.

However you found us today, whether you were referred to us, searched online, found us through community, or have a referral card from one of our trusted referring parties, we're here for you and ready to help.

Goodness of fit between clinician and client is paramount in creating lasting psychological change. Our clinical director personally connects with each new patient to help select a provider that will best match with your needs.